Alternate Photography - Cameras I've Built

This was the 1st non-Quakers Oats Camera I built. The Bird House was fun.
It takes a piece of 4x5 film/paper and has a changeable Pinhole!

My Second camera has an interesting feature.
I built it to be extendable. What I expect to do (some day) is to build additional extenders to turn it into an extreme telephoto. Without its 25mm extender, it has a 25.4mm focal length. I use a 0.016" pinhole in it, as do I do in all of my PH's.

Since I was having trouble controlling the exposure with a 25mm Focal Length, I decided to try a shutter. It produces an interesting circular picture on the film. For an example check out WinterDreams.. 

This is my current 2 1/4 camera. It takes a 52mm filter and is stable on its own w/o a tripod. It uses 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 graphlex film holders, has a focal length of 35mm, 78 degree field of view at f86. I wrote the exposure conversions on the top for an easy, no-calc reference.

I built this to enable me to use different pinholes on my Graphics and larger cameras. I have a 6"x6" lens board that I've modified to take the 4"x4" lens boards. It's hard to put a shutter on this design...oops so we'll take another stab at that one, though I've managed to cfart one out of
black photographic tape that is a good temporary solution.


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