New Work
Entering the Class Area. A small but comfortable lecture area ensures you and the teacher will interact frequently.
The Negative Loading Area. What can you's dark in there.
Entering the Film Processing Area. Sink allows simultanous processing for two 4x5 sets.
Standard Chemistry, both Stainless Steel & Plastic Tanks are available.
Entrance from the Negative Area. Enlarger on the left is the lone Bessler 23C-XL with color head.
The other 10 enlargers are Omega D Series 4x5 capable. Lenses for 35mm, 120 and 4x5 film are available.
4'x8' Sink can be configured for up to 8 simultanous B/W developing sessions.
We also have a ??? enlarger for those REALLY big prints from 35mm or 120 film.